Our Services

From airfreight to trucking, we are here to arrange your logistics with ease. Companies rely on us to research their transport routes, negotiate contracts, coordinate payments, verify the distribution of their goods, monitor delivery schedules and maintain inventories. Through our unique Gilscot-Guidroz program, our administrative staff is trained to offer our clients world-class service. You can rest assured knowing your goods are handled with quality care and efficiency.

Acting as intermediary managers, we facilitate company export and import transactions and operations across the globe. We help guide you through all regulations and shipping options.
For shipments needing to travel in superior conditions on an expedited timeline, we offer worldwide airfreight services. From the airport to the final point of delivery, we will handle all aspects of your transportation process.
We have a network of connections with all US ports that assist us in providing seamless shipping transactions. If you are looking for the best ocean freight rates with steamship lines, our team is here to help you.
Rules, regulations and laws can vary from country to country and occasionally from port to port. As customs brokers, it is our job to make your customs clearance process smooth.
With an in-house trucking division, we are able to offer a full array of flexible and dependable trucking freight services. Once your shipment has arrived, we ensure it is picked up and delivered in a timely and responsible manner.
Our warehouses offer full services with top-notch security. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or transport business, we can assist you with the entire storing process, from item checking and reporting to packing and documentation.
Packaging requirements vary with extended transportation. Our team provides assistance with proper packing and crating to keep your international or domestic shipping costs to a minimum.
We offer transportation solutions for oversized or heavy lift cargo. With industry-leading partners around the world, we have a wide selection of vessels, containers and trailers to suit your special transport needs.
Project cargo is the transportation of heavy lift equipment or goods needing disassembly for shipment and reassembly after delivery. If your company has a unique project, our experienced team and worldwide network enables us to fully support you.
With improper storage or transportation conditions, hazardous solids, liquids or gases can harm the environment. We are equipped to handle the responsibilities, documentation, reporting, identification, packaging and marking necessary for the safe delivery of these items.
With a short shelf life and a need for close monitoring, we ensure perishable cargo, such as fruits, pharmaceuticals, frozen fish and flowers, are delivered in the best condition. We understand the most up-to-date regulations and procedures and apply them to the handling of your perishable cargo.
For all wheeled cargo that must be driven on and off vessels, we provide RORO shipping services. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure you find the best options available.
It is important to cover all shipments with cargo and marine insurance. Cargo is always at risk, and when damaged, all parties on board are responsible. Therefore, we strongly encourage and coordinate marine insurance for all shippers.